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I’m waiting for you

Love is beautiful, the beautiful in life!

Enjoy the love, even though it will sometimes take only a moment.

The love I feel for you, It is so pure and fine.

And when you look at me, I suddenly feel very small!

I do not know what to do, am I going too fast?

Or should I just have patience, and we think a bit stiff.

I know 1 thing for sure, we are made for each other.

And that you have so much pain, believe me that moves me.

It is not nothing, when you left love 

All you really need to know,

That sometimes it is good to talk.

I want to be there for you, And I in love really there is no hurry.

It would also not surprise me if it surprised you.

But it is really, it’s in our thoughts.

1 thing you must know,

I will always support and wait for you!

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